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Para mis amigos, amigas, y familia en Lima, Trujillo, Contumaza, Santiago, Buenos Aires, Florencia Varela, y Florianopolis. Gracias para un Viaje Grandioso en 2013! Gracias por darme comida, ser mi guia, y enseniarme. Grabe este pajaro en Villa Pueyrredon, Buenos Aires, Argentina, cuando estaba alla con el grabador digital de mano de mi amigo. El Zorzal ( Turdus rufiventris) es muy similar al Robin en America del Norte y es en la familia de mismo. El Zorzal es muy comun en este lugar. Lo que le da el nombre a este pajaro es un cancionista famosa de opera. Escuche la musica del Zorzal muchas veces en las callles de la ciudad Buenos Aires y alrededores. Luego traje la grabacion en un studio aqui en California para combinar tracks instrumentales. Me ha tomado mas de un anio terminarlo! Este cancion es un gracias para toda la gente que conecte cuando estuve alla. Mucas Gracias y Amor!

For my friends and family in Lima, Truijllo, Contumaza, Santiago, Buenos Aires, Florencio Varela, and Florianopolis. Thank you for a grand journey in 2013. Thank you for feeding me, guiding me and showing me your ways. I recorded this beautiful bird in Villa Puerryedon, Buenos Aires, Argentina while i was there using my friends digital hand recorder. Zorzal Colorado (turdus rufiventris), is closely related to the North American Robin and is very common in this part of Latin America. I believe it was named after a famous opera singer. One can often hear the Zorzal singing merrily as you stroll the streets of the city and surrounding suburbs. I then took the recording into the studio here in California to add instrument tracks. Its taken me over a year to finish it! This is a thank you to all the people whos lives touched me while i was there. Thank YOU!

"Buenos Aires" literally translated means "nice air". The wind you hear in the background is just that. Most North Americans know Tango from old movies like the Adams Family, or cartoons, or cheesy dance-offs. But its actually this dance/type of music they created down there and is one of the most amazing things i have ever seen a human being do with their bodies. I was so impressed i tried to set the rhythm of this tune off of it, but it was mad hard! I don't think i succeeded in the end but i felt i got pretty close. I think if i keep working on it i will soon have it.


released May 14, 2015



all rights reserved


daniel C gray Nevada City, California

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