Chickadee Instrumental

by black capped chickadee, daniel gray

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Black Capped Chickadee ( Poecile Atricapilla)

The Black Capped Chickadee, Poecile Atricapilla, is a gregarious animal, which combined with their bold and hardy nature, makes them particularly admired among the human species. Some patience, a hand full of seed, and a pair of warm boots can often attract one of these small, stout birds right to your open palm where you can get a nice close look. They are one of the courageous few song birds that don’t migrate south in the winter, braving the snows and freezing winds of the northern climates where they make their home.
They can often be seen moving about in flocks, gleaning insects off of tree branches or devouring seeds from cones and the like. They are very vocal as they do this, keeping in contact with each other through staccato vocalizations, chirps and whistles.
They are a handsome bird with a black stripe running right over their eyes like a raccoon. Their bright chatter from the tree tops grace the summer heat and their bold, contrasting markings entertain the wanderer of the winter landscape.
They get their name from their unique call, which immediately identifies them. Put into English it sound a bit like, “ Chick-a-dee-dee-dee-dee!”. The amount of “dees” at the end can vary depending on what mood they are in. If for example they are agitated or fearful there will be more and they will be sung at a quicker tempo.
This particular individual was recorded in a Red Maple tree on the edge of an open field in Amherst, Massachusetts. Listen closely for the Northern Cardinal call in the background (Cardinalis Cardinalis).


released January 30, 2015



all rights reserved


daniel C gray Nevada City, California

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